About Us

Ollier MAsonry

Our company was created in 1976 by Jeff Ollier. Jeff began his company with a small investment, a few pieces of equipment and lots of hard work. After doing residential and other small jobs for a short period, OMI began doing commercial work on a regular basis, in 1978 building McDonald’s restaurants.

The company has progressed through the years building the McDonalds to hospitals, factories, warehouses, parking garages, apartments, schools, athletic facilities, low rise and high rise buildings. During the McDonalds days Jeff and the crew traveled all over including Texas. Nowadays the company strives to keep its workload to an hour drive from the Batesville, Indiana office.


Ollier Masonry Inc. uses Tradesmen’s Software for all Estimating. With this tool we can walk an Owner/ Architect/ GC thru there building. We can identify possible conflicts and coordination issues with the Construction Team.

While this is not BIM it does provide some of the Benefits that BIM strives to accomplish. We are currently pursing BIM capabilities.

Our History

One of the key ways we believe we accomplish this is through retaining quality employees. We do not “hire and fire” the way many masonry companies do. By retaining employees, our superintendents know the employee’s skill level, who they work best with, and how to get the best production from them. Our employees also work better as a team, because they know the person next to them. As you know, Construction work can be dangerous if the proper safety measures are not followed. The more teamwork we can foster, the safer the job is. Our average employee retention for masons is over fifteen years.

OMI trains its employees extensively. All of our foremen have 30-Hour OSHA credentials and 100% of our employees have 10-Hour OSHA credentials. Jason Young, our Safety director, and Paul Oldham, our President both have the OSHA 500 credentials to teach 10-Hour and 30-Hour classes internally.

In 2006, the company started another new phase. Mary Ollier became President and controlling interest in the company along with the hiring Paul Oldham Project Manager/ Estimator. It was time to start a transition of the company and develop the next ownership team. The office moved, from above Jeff and Mary’s garage, to a location in Downtown Batesville. From here the company grew again into performing more work each year growing from 20 employees to over 60 employees. With this growth new positions were needed in the management of the company, Jason Young after working in the field as a mason/ superintendent was promoted into an Estimator/ Project Manager position. After spending time in these positions, along with the growth of the company, and its commitment to Safety, Jason took on the position of Safety Director/ Logistics Manager.

With Mary’s retirement at the end of 2014, Paul Oldham became President of Ollier Masonry Inc..

We are committed to giving our customers quality, safety and professionalism unequaled in the masonry profession.